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: Lectures for energy efficiency with 5th and 6th graders

20 10 2014

It should be noted that all schools were selected in close collaboration with the Directorate of Education of each municipality.

During the lectures, students were very curious and enthusiastic to know how we can preserve the environment and also the possibility of reducing carbon emissions.

Basically all lectures began with the presentation of the lecturers and the presentation of the topic, where the aim was that the lessons had to be more attractive and interactive. It was observed that the students had many questions that most of them were related to energy efficiency and energy savings in their homes and were already curious and eager to know and learn more about saving energy.

Then showing them animated film about the effects of carbon emissions on global warming as melting ice at the North Pole and its impact on Polar Bears, the production of greenhouse gases and their processes, saving energy in houses and buildings and biodiversity conservation. Lectures were about 40 minutes in which posters and brochures were placed and provided for teachers in these schools.





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Energy Efficiency

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